Affiliate Program

What is the Tantra Secrets Affiliate Program?
When you recommend Tantra Secrets workshops to other people you earn 10% Affiliate Commission or 20% workshop discount!

Why does Tantra Secrets offer an Affiliate Program?
Because we rather spend our marketing budget on our own clients than pay it to advertisements etc.

Furthermore, marketing & sales is actual work! Work that has become more challenging in these times. We prefer to focus on helping people expand their level of Consciousness, then on marketing & sales. Because however good our events may be, if people don’t know us, they will not know what we can offer.

Besides all that, the best marketing is a recommendation! And we like to value that effort! ❤️

Others are hearing about us from someone with a real life experience of our workshops.
Tantra Secrets spends its marketing budget on people we care about and who want to expand global consciousness.
You earn money/discounts, so you have more budget for personal development.

Affiliate Program Bonus Structure

10% Affiliate Commission

You recieve 10% of the workshop fee as an Affiliate Commission. 

10% + 10% = 20% Affiliate Commission

You recieve an additional 10% Affiliate Commission, if you choose to spend your Affiliate Commission on our workshops. 

General Affiliate Commission Rules

What can you earn?
Depending on the workshop, you can earn € 5 to € 150 cash bonus, or up to € 250 workshop discount per workshop!

Qualification Conditions
1.   The person has registered themselves and has paid fully for the workshop they are attending.
2.  The person is not yet in the Tantra Secrets Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook or email groups, until you add them.
3.  The recommended person has not yet attended a Tantra Secrets, Tantra into Zouk or other workshop from Roger before. With the exception of online Tasters and the Wheel of Consent Introduction workshop.
4.  The bonus or workshop discount is a one time bonus based on the first workshop they attend.
5.  Counts for each new recommended person.
6.  Tasters & Introduction workshops: These are great intro workshop to get your friends easily familiar with our work on a low money and time investment. So, if you recommend them to this workshop, you will receive the bonus for this workshop AND the next full weekend workshop they do.

Examples of Affiliate Commission Calculation

Example 1: You recommend 5 new people to The Secrets of Pleasure (Wheel of Consent©).
Then you earn 5 * € 42,50 = € 212,50 cash bonus or 5 * € 85 = € 425 workshop discount!

Example 2: You recommend 4 new people to the online edition of Emotional Mastery.
Then you earn 4 * € 179,50 = € 718 cash bonus or 4 * € 359 = € 1.436 workshop discount!

Example 3:  You recommend a person to do  The Secrets of Pleasure Introduction and then they attend the Spicy Polarity weekend.
Then you  earn € 3,50 cash bonus or € 7 workshop discount, plus € 37,50 cash bonus or € 75 workshop discount. Total € 41 cash bonus or € 82 workshop discount.

Extra 100% Money Back Guarantee incentive for your friends
Because your friends will trust you and your recommendation, we want to value that trust. That means that we will offer money back guarantee on all our workshops that you as an Affiliate Partner have recommended.
Some of our workshops already come with a money-back-guarantee, so that is easy, but others don't.
We want to make sure that your friends don't risk losing money over something they don't feel holds value for them.

How to go about this?
1. Send the persons details to Roger (with consent please), when they register, we connect them to you!
2. Also, they can add your name in the registration form, so we have 2 ways to connect you to them.

How to introduce Tantra Secrets to your friends?
How you want to do this is ultimately up to you. However, you can for instance have a look at our event calendar and have a feel for what workshop will be of most value to your friend. Then send them a message with the link to our schedule or to workshop you recommend them, so they can pick the date.

Add a personal message on what the workshop did for you, or, if you feel they can appreciate advice like that, a recommendation on why you think they might enjoy a certain workshop topic.

Free Taster Webinars
A low thershold introduction can be to invite them for one of our Free Online Tasters, you can see the options here:

To invite them to the Tasters you can also use the Facebook events invitation option:

Introduction workshops that are good to start with
If you want to play it safe, you can always recommend The Secrets of Pleasure Introduction evening or the 2½ day Secrets of Pleasure - Intensive. Both are very nice and safe (and fully clothed) workshops that have gotten very high reviews from both experienced Tantrics and people who just started on this path. These events were previously marketed as the Wheel of Consent introduction and Wheel of Consent Masterclass.

You can find the workshop schedule here:

You can find the workshop descriptions here:

Usually it is a good idea to suggest them to read our testimonial page too:  

If you have any questions, contact us directly.

Free 20 Minute Exploration Call
Tantra Secrets offers Free 20 Minute Exploration Calls for people who are seriously interested in learning more about Tantra, Emotions, Polarity, Sexuality, Tantric Orgasms, Consent, Consciousness Expansion etc.

This works as follows:
1. You send the person the link to the Free 20 minute exploration call page.

2. They fill in the intake form, add your name as a referal, and book a call.

3. During the call their topics of interest will be discussed and often a workshop will be suggested to go deeper into that topic of interest. Via your referral, they will be connected to you for the Affiliate bonus.