The Rebel

The Rebel
This course is for everyone who has participated before in Primal Deconditioning Intensive and who still feels that certain patterns or habits are challenging to break or seem to slip back in over time. Where exactly do you sabotage yourself in your life and find crippling beliefs, or excuses not to show-up for yourself in the most loving way? 

"A rebel is one who does not react against the society, who understands the whole game of it and simply slips out of it. It becomes irrelevant to him."
~ Osho

To keep living life according to our conditioning leaves us running around in circles, repeating patterns that keep us addicted, co-dependent, and fixed in negative behavior patterns.

When we stop blaming an outer reason or someone else to be the cause of our misery, we come to understand that the only change that can happen takes place from within ourselves. Then, whether our lives turn out to be an experience in paradise or having to go through hell again and again, is solely within our own willingness to take responsibility for what we have and what we can create in this very moment in our own lives.

Finding the source of our conditioning and taking responsibility for the unconscious patterns, enables us to start living our lives in a new way – in tune with the essential qualities and potential we were born with.

This course is a recommended preparation for the A.F.H. - The OSHO Freedom Process.

"The Rebel is in a state of tremendous love with freedom -- total freedom, nothing less than that. Hence he has no savior, no God's messenger, no messiah, no guide; he simply moves according to his own nature. He does not follow anybody; he does not imitate anybody. Certainly, he has chosen the most dangerous way of life; full of responsibility, but of tremendous joy and freedom."
~ Osho

With meditation at the core of each method, questioning your basic beliefs about yourself, others and the world surrounding you, your own truth will unfold and surface out of this inner inquiry.

Accomodation & Food
This residential course is in silence and isolation which is designed in such a way to support the process. As a participant, you cannot use internet, mobile or SMS during the whole process. You are asked to come prepared to have this time all to yourself.

Vegetarian/Vegan meals will be served by the retreat center and the daily changing menu is completely tuned and created to support the process.

To ensure your place for the process, you will need to fill in an application form that will be emailed to you after your inquiry. This application form is part of the process and thus confidential. If needed a Skype-interview with Bela might be part of the application procedure. Your place will be confirmed only after the application process is completed, and you have transferred the non-refundable deposit.

Limited Attendants
There is a limited number of participants! Do not miss this opportunity and apply as soon as possible!


Bela Dubbelman (1964)
Bela is a certified Primal and A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process therapist, she facilitates courses and individual sessions in Europe, Asia and in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in India.

You can learn more about Bela here:


Upcoming edition:
17 - 22 May 2024 (6 days, 5 nights)
■ Start: Sunday 17 May at 16.00
■ End: Wednesday 22 June at 18.00

Check-in is open from 4pm (16:00).

Arrival is not later than 4pm (16:00) on 28 May.

Price & Registration
If you are interested, please contact Roger at 
or Phone / WhatsApp +31-6-21541751.

Location & Parking
Retreat center in the Noordoostpolder, at about 2hrs hrs northeast from Amsterdam/Utrecht/Arnhem, by Public Transport.
Use "Emmeloord" for rough estimation of travel time.
Parking is free and in front of the retreat center.

Public  Transport: bus stop next to the location.
Carpooling: Carpooling options in registration form.

Exact address will be send upon registration.