Willeke has a passion for the origins & birth of life! She has a background in anthropology and is a midwife student. Currently she is working as a birth preparation teacher.

Since she was a young child, she has always had an interest in the power of the feminine. She has followed many different dance trainings, such as belly dancing and high heels dancing, and loves to help other women in finding and exploring their feminine energy.


As a midwife student she was able to witness many different childbirths. She sees childbirth as a rite of passage into parenthood and as a sacred process where everything is welcome. In the birth process, all emotions light and dark, are often present both in the parents and the newborn child.. Therefore, the birth process has taught her a lot about guiding and space holding people through deep processes.

Balancing Mind, Spirit & Body through Tantra

Tantra made her experience how the balance between the mind, the spirit and the body can make life flow and made her more in tune with her true feelings. She loves guiding people into living a more authentic life, more in connection with their bodies and spirits and being more intuitive.

Working as a facilitator for the Polarity & Wheel of Consent© workshops for the last 3 years, she has enjoyed witnessing people slowly open up and connect better with themselves and others.


Willeke co-facilitates in the following workshops
- Consicous Relating Foundations thr
ough the Wheel of Consent©
- Spicy Polarity series