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"The overthinking mind is the result of all unprocessed emotions"

This is an incredibly profound statement on an issues that almost all people, and specially highly educated people struggle with.
The more you have trained or educated your brain, the more likely you are to fall into the trap over overthinking. And naturally, you cannot overthinking your way out of overthinking! You will need a different approach to it.

Disease & Ailments
Although not know to the general public, but a public secret amongst psychologists and holistic therapists, is that around 80% of all physical ailments and diseases have a psychosomatic origin.

This means that many problems that occur in the body and that are deemed "incurable" or "something you just have to live with" or "we all have that", can often be transformed when we learn how to deal with the underlying emotion.
By doing so change our mindset, our vibration ultimately raise our level of consciousness when we can let go of the underlying issue.

How to do that?

First, let's go deeper into the subject.

A lot of people who repress their healthy anger end up with autoimmune diseases which, by the way, might explain the fact that 80% of people with an autoimmune disease are women.
Early stress and early trauma also triggers inflammation in the body. It triggers inflammatory processes that are measurable in adulthood. Inflammation predisposes people to malignancy and autoimmune disease. So there are multiple mechanisms. A lot of the details need to be worked out, but conceptually, the connection has been very elegantly demonstrated.

~ Dr Gabor Maté, author of "When the Body say NO - Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection"

When psychological trauma happens, our psyches become more rigid and harder and less flexible.
The origin of that hardening is the separation from the self that trauma induces, and then rather than being flexible and responsive, we become more rigid in our responses to life, to ourselves, to relationships, to stimuli, and so on. This is what I think underlies most mental and physical pathology.
~ Dr Gabor Maté, author of "When the Body say NO - Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection"

What Dr Maté implies here is that taking a really good look at the psychosomatic element of our "problems" can be extremely useful.

Emotional Freedom
As written in our landing page quote: Tantra is
Freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is a space to be.
Tantra is Liberation.

When we can move into Emotional Freedom, many
physical ailments will "automatically" fall away, because their origin was actually psychosomatic or emotional.

To make it easy and without claiming any miracle cures, Tantra Secrets has made a handy overview that may help you address underlying issues. Often different workshops will target certain issues from different angles, and in many cases it is helpful to repeat them until you feel that you have truly mastered the subject. By mastering a subject, often certain issues also start to fall away, because the root cause has been dissolved.

The mind always wants something new and is a master at avoidance, resistance and making excuses, but personal growth does not come from novelty, avoidance & resistance, but from commitment to Truth & Love!
Which needs consistent and deliberate effort in the beginning, up until it has become a healthy habit and the overall level of consciousness has risen to Courage, Willingness and Acceptance.

So, we invite you to have a look at this overview we made and we invite you to address the issue(s) you are looking for healing or guidance in your event registration and in the opening circle, so we can help you move forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on or post it on our Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Non of this is medical advice. Always consult your doctor. All suggestions presented are based on anecdotal evidence.

Tantra Secrets

Psychosomatic issues overview
Quite the impressive list isn't it? One could argue that it is an overview of pyschosomatic issues.
All these issues have an emotional component to them. Are there are different ways to deal with them. All the Tantra Secrets events, workshops and Masterclasses are designed to let go of unresolved emotions, so they do not pull us down all regularly.
That is the Essence of Tantra, to drop all the programming, all unresolved emotions, so you can live from your unique essential qualities!

We invite you to take the step towards healing and becoming a more relaxed and higher vibrating version of yourself. We would be deeply honoured to guide in that process.

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