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Heal Thyself - Life Lasting Secrets to Detox yourself to your Dream Body
Restoring your life to Optimum Health & Vitality!

What is our most vital asset in life? It's not our car, not our house, it's not our bank account.

It's our health and the health of our loved ones!

Losing our health or feeling uncomfortable in our body, either suddenly or slowly and/or chronically is one of the biggest factors of stress and unhappiness.

Learning the Heal Thyself Secrets of Complete Organ Detox restores & prevents toxin induced discomforts & ailments, so we can live and grow old in a vibrant healthy body!

Jealousy ~ A Curse or a Gift?
Jealousy! The wrecker of relationships, the killer of love.
Whether you are in a monogamous, open relating or polyamorous, you will always run into Jealousy. Either your own jealousy, those of your partner(s) or both...

Very few emotions are so effective at making us feel bad and ruining our relationships.

Learning how to deal with Jealousy healthily will dramatically improve your relationships, sex life and general feeling of wellbeing altogether.

Emotional Freedom & Consciousness Expansion - Online Masterclass
This workshop weekend you will learn how all emotions are deeply connected to our overall level of consciousness and our general state of happiness. Learning to deal with negative or heavy emotions has an enormous potential to open us up to our innate capacity for Love, Joy, Bliss & Abundance!
If we know how to do that…

The presented material in combination with the excersizes & guidance will dramatically increase your Emotional Intelligence and through that, your Level of Consciousness! Regardless of how advanced you are in spiritual work, or if you have just started. Because we have the wisdom of Enlightened Masters to share with you, which is bound to increase anyone's Emotional Intelligence!

Primal Mirror
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