The Secrets of Self Pleasure 

An Internal Polarity Journey

Discover the Masculine and the Feminine in Yourself!

In The Secrets of Self Pleasure we will be exploring and playing with the Masculine and Feminine living inside of each one of us and how to utilize that to reach new peaks in Self Pleasure.

Throught many embodied practices you can learn to experience Surrender to yourself, one or more partners and the Divine. 

Pimp and spice up your sex life and with it your whole life starting in the safety of your home! 

Shame, Guilt & Taboo

Sexuality and pleasure have been taboo topics for too long. The shame surrounding it like dark clouds. It’s time to let a strong wind come and clear the sky for everyone of us to shine! 

Dear Sister, have you ever....

Dear Brother, have you ever....

Most, if not all of these are results of early childhood programs regarding the shame and guilt put onto sex and pleasure by the society, church or your parents. 

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8 - 29 March

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12 and 26 February, 5 March


€ 300,-

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Join The Secrets of Self Pleasure

A 4 week journey

One class a week

4 classes

3 hours each

12 hours total

Topics of this Workshop include

🌿 Feeling and Creating more Safety 

🌿 Discovering your inner Masculine and Feminine 

🌿 Overcoming shame, guilt and anxiety

🌿 Experiencing Consciousness Expansion

🌿 Learning about the different ways of Touch and Pleasure 

🌿 Diving into Surrender to the moment and to the Divine

🌿 Applying the Tools into your Life 

🌿 Living the Polarities 

🌿 Feeling different Energies and Archetypes you can play with

🌿 Learning about different Orgasm Types

🌿 Enhancing you Orgasm Capacity 

🌿 Experiencing Full Body Orgasms or the Kundalini Energy awakening

🌿 Feeling the Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality

🌿 Life-changing tools for Self Pleasure, Sexuality and Life 

🌿 Personal, emotional & spiritual development

🌿 Awakening your natural Sexuality 

🌿 Using The Wheel of Consent© on yourself

This Masterclass isn't about playing with your genitals, you have done enough of that already...

It's time to let the Energies living inside of you come out and play!

Practical Program Details

Edition 8 - 29 March

Each class consists of 

Theory, Practice and Discovery, Sharings, Answers to your Questions and Integration.

Price and Discounts

Potential Masterclass Benefits

🌿 increased capacity to feel and experience love

🌿 letting go of worrying, holding back & feeling burdened

🌿 letting go of anger, frustration & (passive) aggression

🌿 letting go of parental, ancestral, past-life & karmic issues

🌿 letting go of intimacy issues

🌿 letting go of lack of trust

🌿 less fear, shame, guilt & inhibitions

🌿 more confidence

🌿 better ability to speak your truth

🌿 increased capacity to breath deeply

🌿 opening up to a more powerful voice

🌿 increased sensitivity

🌿 increased libido

🌿 better able to feel deeper pleasure in heart and body

🌿 increasing your confidence as a lover, a man or a woman

🌿 increasing your capacity to delay & enhance your orgasms

🌿 increasing your ability to feel deeply and connecting to your heart during sex

🌿 helping you become a better lover

🌿 more grounded

🌿 increased capacity to flow energy through the whole body

🌿 dramatic increase in flow of energy & Kundalini 

Join this Masterclass for an Internal Polarity Journey!

Learn about yourself,

your deepest desires and fantasies and

your fears and boundaries.

Next Online Teasers

12 and 26 February, 5 March

Join for a Taste of Pleasure!

Ready to grow your Pleasure Capacity?

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Next Edition 8 - 29 March


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Try out the Basics of this Masterclass now! 

We all have both the masculine and the feminine in us and we can use this to our pleasure!

To experience this you can try a simple exercise, using the hands. 

Take your right hand, as the giving one to your left one, the receiving one. And then give the left what it needs with your right. Could be a gentle stroke or a deeper massage. Take your time, explore. And at the beginning you might just notice the left or the right but not both. So take your time, as this involves an expansion of consciousness to spread your awareness and be with both parts of yourself. The giving and the receiving. 

And you can also switch it up, using your right hand as the taker, asking it what it wants. Maybe it wants to play with the left? Or pull the skin? Or go gentle or hard? 

Try to feel into your deep desires what you would like to feel and take. And most importantly feel into the left is this part of you, the feminine, symbolized by the left hand willing to allow this exploration of your desires? Is it willing to be ravished? Be taken? 

And you might think this is a bit weird. It’s just hands and not sex or a partner. And yes you are right it’s just hands but it’s exactly the same as lovemaking or playing with the pleasure. You have the male and the female, or them being the same gender, one being more dominant then the other, one of the partners more masculine the other more feminine. 

And as on the outside so on the inside, your have the feminine and the masculine in you. When you can acknowledge and feel both energies in yourself, build a connection to them, then the magic can begin.

Let your natural Sexuality, Sensuality and Pleasure come foreward, feel what is already in you and let the boundries put on you fall!

Conscious Domination and Surrender

Conscious Domination & Surrender for the purpose of surrendering to something bigger than ourselves can be one of the most effective tools to enter that realm. Two words that are controversial and scary for one and liberating and spicy for another. This Masterclass will show you how to guide yourself into a deep surrender using simple yet incredibly powerful tools. In doing so, a space for spirituality automatically opens up, making this a potentially very powerful Tantric practice!

These tools are both physical & esoteric.

By using pleasure as a teacher you can learn to

🌿 Own & Express your Truth, Boundaries, Needs & Desires unapologetically

🌿 Waking up sensuality – feeling and following pleasure

🌿 Make healthy choices – learning how to choose for yourself and letting go of unhealthy pleasing tendencies

🌿 Learning to authentically feel your desires and then learning how to communicate them effectively

🌿 Communicate boundaries & adjustments effectively

🌿 Take responsibility for your own pleasure

🌿 Learn to increase your pleasure capacity

🌿 Learn to increase your capacity to love

🌿 Learn to identify acts of toxic love and how to change them into acts of healthy love

🌿 Understand the dynamics of giving and receiving and taking them apart

🌿 Understand who is doing and who it is for – because they are different

🌿 Gain skills of empowerment – noticing, valueing, and trusting desires, having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive.

Join this Masterclass for an Internal Polarity Journey!

Learn about yourself,

your deepest desires and fantasies and

your fears and boundaries.

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for only € 300,-

Payment Options

Because Pleasure Enhancement is so essential for every body's physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, we want to make the The Secrets of Self Pleasure available for every budget!

Therefore, we will offer also a 2 or 3 time payment so that it is affordable for anyone who wants to take action on their Pleasure Capacity!

Option #1

The Secrets of Self Pleasure

€ 300,-

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The Secrets of Self Pleasure

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The Secrets of Self Pleasure

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Life-changing tools for Self-Pleasure, Sexuality and Life 

Professional guided process

12 hours of Online Material

Q & A included

Daily contact with Wiktoria and the Group via Group Chat

Weekly Tasks and Exercises to complete at home

Recorded sessions up until 1 month after Program

Integration Check In Call 1 month after the Masterclass

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Meet your passionate Guide


Her story with Sexuality

I first discovered self pleasure as a young child of 6 years old. Climbing up a construction on a playground and suddenly feeling this lovely sensation between my legs. I naturally didn’t know what it was I just knew it felt amazing and I want more. I spend a long time on that construction and then later exploring in bed or in the bathtub. As the years went by the curiosity grew, still as a child seeing snippets of sex scenes in movies with my partners covering my eyes made me want to discover more. I remember looking into other peoples changing room cabins in swimming pools to learn about the human body. From the reactions of my parents, them covering my eyes or reprimanding me, I quickly realised that I have to keep my hobby hidden. 

There was this innocent interest to discover this feeling with others, the need to talk about it with my peers, to learn more, so at the age of around 11 I started experimenting with my girl class friends on sleepovers just asking them out of curiosity if they have experienced any of what I have been feeling, and almost always learning that yes indeed they have. Then we exchanged techniques and ways to do it, in the bathtub, rubbing this way or stroking that way, using a shower head, and so on. This without shame or fear just learning about something that is as natural as breathing. 

At that age being already more aware of what sexuality was about I discovered porn and spend many hours and sleepless nights on various sites learning all about the art of sex from pornographic videos. This turned more and more into an addiction and became very unhealthy. At one point my parents discovered this in the computers history, oh the shame. They even put restrictions up and limited my internet hours. But that feeling of shame didn’t stop me, the pleasure was to great. 

At around 14 I learned of online dating sites while with some friends and the possibility of connecting to strangers through messages and videos. Me and a couple of friends would spend time together, talking with people, discovering this way of connecting, learning about masturbation and seduction, seeing it as a fun way to spend time. And indeed it was very fun and addictive to have people admire your young beautiful body. 

So I spend many hours hidden in my room or bathroom video calling and masturbating with men online, them often being many years older. But my teenage attraction to men was very active and the need for attention and appreciation big. I spend that time experimenting, kissing with my friends and learning from the experiences. 

So as things go I had my first boyfriend at the age of 15, him being a couple of years older. Loosing my virginity with him was a very pleasant experience and the 3 years we spend together in a long distance relationship were relaxed and beautiful. We were both raised Catholic, so we kept things hidden from our parents for a long time. Mine not even realising I had sex until I talked about this many years later.

After moving out of my parents house at the age of 19 to study I had a phase of parting and discovery. After a while I discovered  dancing and at my second social dance party met my current partner. Pretty quickly after meeting him, we had a date and in the evening sex. Him having some Tantra background and a lot of experience made it the best sex I had. At that time I was studying medicine, he was freshly out of a breakup so we both wanted to just have a nice time without commitments. The time spend together was so relaxed, the sex so amazing that we ended up seeing each other almost every day. This lasted for about a half a year before feelings came up, so after some time of figuring out what we want from each other we decided to start an open relationship, sometimes also trying out polyamory. During this time we had other partners and also have shared many experiences with others together. With him I could live out all my darkest fantasies and he would love it, with him I felt comfortable, I learned more about seduction, myself and my pleasure, about men, women, toys and boundaries. He was the one who introduced me to the Wheel of Consent and to Roger, the founder of Tantra Secrets. I’m very thankful for that. 

At the beginning of our time together and in our sex life I quickly discovered that my body can experience things that I have no words or explanations for. I reached new peaks in orgasms, went into full body orgasms and bliss states, felt the Kundalini energy in me, experienced beautiful freeing Dearmouring sessions that allowed me to fully open, discovered the possibly of surrendering to the divine and to a man and learned how to dominate the masculine. At the same time I started having many spiritual experiences and awakenings, my psychic abilities awakened, I could see things that others couldn’t, feel people, travel out of my body and many more. Because of these experiences I started looking for answers, diving deep into teachings about Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality, Energy Work,  Psychology, and so on. The time of learning and remembering myself, coming back to my truth and my soul and spirit began. The list of explorations is long and growing.

With time and experience I realised that all this I experience with my partner, the bliss, surrender and love, I can also experience on my own. This being possible with breathwork, masturbation, focus, relaxation or even just bringing awareness to it and simply being. I learned of the polarities inside of me. I sadly also learned that it’s very different for many people. I saw the need to bring more awareness and healing to this topic. To the taboo things, to shame, desires, traumas and boundaries. I dug deep into women’s work, learning all there was about the feminine, the archetypes, the cycle, the needs, the way of being and with this about about the masculine. After a while I started holding space in women circles, discovering with the participants the many things there are to discover on Sexuality, Life, Emotions and Relationships. 

Being and becoming even more attuned to my needs, desires and boundaries was a tremendous step in taking responsibility and ownership of my life and of my pleasure. Following my truth is still a key part of my progress, I always yearn to discover more and reach new peaks on my path. 

My Sexuality is deeply connected to Spirituality. I now again feel the calling to share this beautiful work on Sexuality, Self Pleasure, Desires, Boundaries and it’s connection to Consciousness Expansion, Growth, Abundance, Spirituality and Selfcare. It is time to bring more awareness to the topics, to heal deep wounds, to feel pleasure and bliss, to discover the polarities and expand the orgasmic states. I believe sexuality is an important part of the self work one can do on the path of personal development and spiritual growth. I see the importance of fully experiencing the polarities to transcend them and become one with the universe. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot join all 10 coaching sessions?

All sessions will be recorded and will be made available after the session. This way you will still have access and be able to join the group process.

What if I don't want to do certain practices?

You are fully responible for your actions and the particiation in all the exercises, sharings and practices is your own free choice.

Do I have to share my experiences in the group?

No, not at all. We can learn from each other, but if you prefer to just listen and observe, that is totally fine.

Is nudity involved in this Workshop?

Yes, there will be exercises involving nudity, but as the class is online, you can switch of your camera or choose not to participate.

Do you have a question we did not cover in the FAQ? 

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