Roger offers a unique blend of Unconditional Love, Compassion and full Acceptance in his workshops & coaching. Combined with unwavering commitment to Truth & Integrity, both within himself as within his teachings, he provides a unique learning environment for personal, emotional, sexual & spiritual growth.

Additonally he has developped into becoming semi-clairvoyant, in which he sees things in the Energy that need to be addressed, but that the person often cannot see.

He integrates his deep understanding of:

- Childhood & Societal Conditioning- the Nature of the Ego

- the Nature of the Self

- Emotional & Psychological Shadow work

- Sexual Psychology

- Childhood, Sexual & Shock Trauma

- Physical & Emotional Toxification

- Consciousness research

The combination of this makes him a unique teacher that can help seekers move forward and raise their Level of Consciousness. And by doing so, as a byproduct, increase the happiness & fulfillment in their life.

Founder of Tantra Secrets
Roger is the founder of the Tantra Secrets ~ Academy for Expansion of Love & Consciousness ~ and the lead workshop facilitator

He also founded the School for Consciousness Expansion & Holistic Health Rebels through which he organizes all his different endeavors on the field of the Expansion of Consciousness in all it's different forms. Either through Spirituality, Personal Development, Conscious Consumption or Holistic Health.

He has an extensive background in Tantra, Daoism, Energy Reading, Energy Play, Hypnosis (Regular & Sexual), Latin Dance, Consent work, Authentic Communication, Trauma Release, Deconditioning, Rediscovering of our natural Fountain of Joy & Laughter, Sacred Sexuality & Meditation.

His latest passion is teaching people how to physically detox their bodies in a holistic way.

Wheel of Consent© Certified Facilitator
Roger is an officially Certified Facilitator of the Wheel of Consent©.
Therefore, the topic of Consent & Boundaries are always practiced and deepened in Roger's workshops!
Roger's view on Consent is as follows:

"Only when 2 people are both 100% in Consent, the Love Field will open.
Once 100% Consent is there from both people, Magic will unfold."

Former High Paid Consultant
A former high paid independent consultant for multinationals, he made a drastic switch in his life towards the mystical & spiritual side of life.
His passion is maximizing human potential, happiness & authenticity!

Roger runs workshops on the topics of Personal, Emotional & Spiritual Development, Consciousness Expansion, Laughter, Tantra, Emotional Freedom, Kundalini Awakening, Wheel of Consent, Conscious Relating, Conscious Kink, Polarity Play, Female Empowerment, Tantra into Zouk, Tantric Masculinity, Sex Art & Implosive Orgasms!

Licensed Energy Reader
He is a graduated & licensed Energy Healer and specializes in personal Energy Readings.
Through Energy Readings he communicates to you that which your body and your soul is trying to tell to your conscious mind, but is not being heard.

Roger is a trained hypnotist in the field of female orgasmic capacity enhancement. Through other hypnosis techniques he trains people to profoundly relax in a matter of seconds (without use of sexual energy).
Subsequently, the practise of hypnosis has given him a tremendous understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, primal sexuality and the general potential of NLP and positive self-(re)programming.

Inner Child Healing
Furthermore, he works extensively with Childhood Deconditioning & Inner Child tools through which he facilitates the process of deconditioning from the negative imprints from childhood.

Gateways for Fulfillment
In Tantra, Daoism & Spirituality he found many gateways to bring more joy, happiness, and fulfillment to our lives and he has a passion to spread this wisdom!


Roger is the lead facilitator for the following workshops

Roger is the organisor & lead-assistant for the following workshops

Furthermore, he offers coaching (programs) in the following fields

Coaching / Therapy sessions

€ 150,- per hour , minimum of 1½ hour per session (unless mentioned otherwise)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Roger always works with a satisfaction guarantee. Meaning, if you do not feel you have received any value, he does not want to receive any payment.

Free 20 Minute Exploration Call
Before you decide you can of course first book a Free 20 Minute Exploration Call

Coaching packages / Programs

 5     sessions:  5% discount

10    sessions: 10% discount
15    sessions: 15% discount

20+ sessions:   20% discount

Spread Payment Plan
Two payments - add 2% to payments
Three payments - add 3% to payments

■ Four payments - add 4% to payments
■ Five payments - add 5% to payments

Discount & Package Example

Say you choose to take 10 sessions.
That gives you 10% discount on the session fee, because we reward commitment.
You decide to pay in 3 payments, that adds 3% to your payments.
Final payment: € 150 * 1½ = € 225 * 10 sessions = € 2.250.
Minus 10% discount = € 2.250 -/- 10% = € 2.025.
2.025 / 3 payments = € 675.
Adding 3% for 3 payments = € 695,25 per payment.

Payment options
Cash (10% discount) 
Bank transfer (Euro IBAN account)




Billing can be done to you personal, as well as to your company if needed.
Coaching topic can be labeled as mindfulness training or assertiveness training etc.