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For many things in life, we need an education, a license or a certificate.
Yet for arguably the most important expression in human existence, the Sexual Expression, there is hardly any education, hardly any place we can go to learn, to ask our questions, to develop ourselves to the extent that our Sexual Expression becomes an Art form.

Opening the Gates to Sex Art
Implosive Orgasms open the gates to a vast world of knowledge around Sexual art that most people living in the modern society don't even know exists.

In a safe space you can start learning all you can learn about it and ask all the question you never dared to ask.

Or you just listen to the lecture and hear what others have to ask.

Reserved curiosity is welcome!

Who is this lecture for?

♥ Anyone who wants to become more self aware, connected to themselves and learn to listen to their body

♥ Anyone who want to feel more empowered in their s**uality

♥ Anyone who wants to feel more confident in their ⓢⓔⓧ skills

♥ Anyone looking to add spirituality to their ⓢⓔⓧ

♥ Anyone who wants deeper connections and more intimacy in their lives

♥ Anyone who feels there's something more to ⓢⓔⓧ and life then what we've always been told

This Webinar is open to any gender, orientation, age, singles and couples.

Upcoming editions

Monday 13 March
20.00 - 21.30 CET
3.00 pm - 4.30 pm EDT

Wednesday 29 March
20.00 - 21.30 CEST
2.00 pm - 3.30 pm EDT

Wednesday 12 April
20.00 - 21.30 CEST
2.00 pm - 3.30 pm EDT

Thursday 4 May
20.00 - 21.30 CEST
2.00 pm - 3.30 pm EDT

Webinar details will be provided upon registration.
See you in the Implosive Orgasms webinar!

Your Webinar hosts & Implosive Orgasms Experts



Roger background

Roger offers a unique blend of Unconditional Love, Compassion and full Acceptance of his workshop participants. Combined with unwavering commitment to Truth & Integrity, both within himself as within his teachings.

He has learned to become semi-clairvoyant, in which he sees things in the Energy that need to be addressed, but that the person often cannot see,

He integrates his deep understanding of:

- Childhood & Societal Conditioning

- the Nature of the Ego

- the Nature of the Self

- Emotional & Psychological Shadow work

- Sexual Psychology

- Childhood, Sexual & Shock Trauma

- Physical & Emotional Toxification

- Consciousness research

The combination of this makes him a unique teacher that can help seekers move forward and raise their Level of Consciousness. And by doing so, as a byproduct, increase the happiness & fulfillment in their life.

Founder Tantra Secrets
Roger is the founder of the Tantra Secrets ~ Academy for Expansion of Love & Consciousness ~ and the lead workshop facilitator

He also founded the School for Consciousness Expansion through which he organizes all his different endeavors on the field of the Expansion of Consciousness in all it's different forms. Either through Spirituality, Personal Development, Conscious Consumption or Holistic Health.

He has an extensive background in Tantra, Daoism, Energy Reading, Energy Play, Hypnosis (Regular & Sexual), Latin Dance, Consent work, Authentic Communication, Trauma Release, Deconditioning, Rediscovering of our natural Fountain of Joy & Laughter, Sacred Sexuality & Meditation.

His latest passion is teaching people how to physically detox their bodies in a holistic way.

Wheel of Consent© Certified Facilitator
Roger is an officially Certified Facilitator of the Wheel of Consent©.
Therefore, the topic of Consent & Boundaries are always practiced and deepened in Roger's workshops!
Roger's view on Consent is as follows:

"Only when 2 people are both 100% in Consent, the Love Field will open.
Once 100% Consent is there from both people, Magic will unfold."

Former High Paid Consultant
A former high paid independent consultant for multinationals, he made a drastic switch in his life towards the mystical & spiritual side of life.
His passion is maximizing human potential, happiness & authenticity!

Roger runs workshops on the topics of Personal, Emotional & Spiritual Development, Consciousness Expansion, Laughter, Tantra, Emotional Freedom, Kundalini Awakening, Wheel of Consent, Conscious Relating, Conscious Kink, Polarity Play, Female Empowerment, Tantra into Zouk, Tantric Masculinity, Sex Art & Implosive Orgasms!

Licensed Energy Reader
He is a graduated & licensed Energy Healer and specializes in personal Energy Readings.
Through Energy Readings he communicates to you that which your body and your soul is trying to tell to your conscious mind, but is not being heard.

Roger is a trained hypnotist in the field of female orgasmic capacity enhancement. Through other hypnosis techniques he trains people to profoundly relax in a matter of seconds (without use of sexual energy).
Subsequently, the practise of hypnosis has given him a tremendous understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, primal sexuality and the general potential of NLP and positive self-(re)programming.

Inner Child Healing
Furthermore, he works extensively with Childhood Deconditioning & Inner Child tools through which he facilitates the process of deconditioning from the negative imprints from childhood.

Gateways for Fulfillment
In Tantra, Daoism & Spirituality he found many gateways to bring more joy, happiness, and fulfillment to our lives and he has a passion to spread this wisdom!


Roger is the lead facilitator for the following workshops

Roger is the organisor & lead-assistant for the following workshops

Furthermore, he offers coaching (programs) in the following fields

For more info about Roger and/or to see what private sessions he offers, click here:

Wiktoria background

Wiktoria is a truth seeker, always looking for the most powerful tools and digging deep into teachings for spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. She has a childlike joy and curiosity in experiencing life, combining it with a depth and understanding of the importance of pain,  hard moments and life.

She combines her background and experience in Medicine, Healing, Energy- and Bodywork, Tantric Massage, Dance, Mediumship, (Cacao) Ceremonies, Women Circles, Sacred Sexuality, (Conflict) Management and Leadership with her intuition, psychic abilities and the guidance of soul and spirit to offer what is needed in the moment at any given time.

One of her main goals is to give embodied experiences of the personality-soul-spirit triad and to guide people to the core of things.

Currently living in one of the biggest communities in Germany, she follows her mission of bringing truth into the world and into individual lives.

Facilitating at Tantra Secrets

Wiktoria’s partner introduced her to Tantra Secrets in 2019. Using the Wheel of Consent she began consciously working on expressing her boundaries and desires in sexuality and in daily life. This has tremendously strengthened her connection to her inner voice, helped her find a compassionate way to get what she wants, increased her ability to communicate and accept others as they are and increased her sense of self awareness. This caused her to become even more sensitive to herself and to others. 

Through the different workshops she discovered her love for Emotional Release tools and Breathwork. She noticed how the release of emotions and transforming old patterns is connected to going into states of bliss, peace and love. Every time she came to an event she felt an immediate sense of peace and safety. Her nervous system could relax and the topics to work on would come up very quickly. 

She views this work as very transformative and deeply touching, moving hidden parts of oneself to the light. She now hopes to be there for others as the team have been there for her and to co-create powerful events.

Ceremonies and Women Circles
Wiktoria has experience holding ceremonies and works with the medicine of cacao to create a space of (self)love, connection and compassion. She also leads women circles, seeing the need of sisterhood for community and healing of wounds. In this work she mainly focuses on Emotional Release, Sexuality and Spiritual Growth. She believes going deep into the dark and heavy parts of oneself in necessary to go into the light(ness) and higher vibrations.

Certified in Soul Healing
Wiktoria is certified in Soul Healing, a practice based on strengthening the connection of the personality to the soul. It includes practices such as Shadow and Inner Child Work, Psychic Reading, Voice Healing, Integrating and Processing Trauma and Past Life Regression.

Mediumship and Psychic Abilities
In 2019 through Sexuality she rediscovered her connection to the source of creation. Since then she hasn’t stopped digging deeper into the connection to the Divine. During this journey she realized that she has always had this connection, remembering pieces of her childhood which included the world for most unseen. Her psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. She works on expanding her abilities further through different modalities. Many of the things she discovers she puts into writing in a Facebook Group "A deeper understanding".

Sacred Sexuality
Wiktoria believes that Sexuality is one of the key aspects of Spirituality. Sexuality being one of the most abused things in the world, she sees the importance of healing the wounds to fully step into a loving relationship with oneself, ones partner(s) and the society. Finding freedom in expressing one’s divine sexual energy is a power unequal to many things. She sees the Wheel of Consent as one of the best tools to achieve this. Other ones being Inner Child Work, De-armouring and awakening one’s Kundalini Energy to fully feel the divine flowing through. For Wiktoria this feels like an endless power source. She is trained in Tantric Massage and sees it as a healing method full of vulnerability and holiness through with one has a possibility to embody the connection to one’s divine energy.

Wiktoria is the lead facilitator for the following workshops
- The Secrets of Self Pleasure - An Internal Polariaty Journey
- The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure - Woman's Only

Wiktoria co-facilitates in the following workshops
- Emotional Mastery & Consciouness Expansion
- The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure - Men's Only
- The Tantra Secrets of Manifesting Abundance
- The Tantra Secrets of Mastering your Energy 
- Kundalini Shakti Awakening Retreat

For more info about Wiktoria and/or to see what private sessions she offers, click here:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will people get naked?

No, this is an online clothes on webinar..

We are in general pro-nudity, however, in this Taster setting we insist in everybody keeping their clothes on, so we can focus on the presented material. 

Are there any other hidden costs?

No, the Taster is completely free.

I've tried so much already, why would this work?

Because we have deconstructed road to Implosive Orgasms into many different chunks. Most people are too ambitious in the beginning and are hindered by perfectionism.

Keep the enthusiasm to want to grow, but let go of expectations and stay open to new ways of doing things.
Because if you are doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

So, come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and make mistakes. We will take it from there.

There is a reason why we offer a money back guarantee. on many of our workshops.....

I am single or not in a relationship, can I still join?

Yes you can. Because it has many advantages to learn these foundations before you enter a relationship. You chances of any relationship fulfilling your needs dramatically increase by learning these tools. 

Do I have to share my experiences in the group?

No, not at all. We can learn from each other, but if you prefer to just listen and observe, that is totally fine.

Why are you guys doing this for free?

Because we want to make the threshold of exploration as low as possible. This way you get a Taste of what we have to offer and then it is quite likely you will be interested in doing some of our paid workshops or services.
But please do not feel obligated at all. We practise 100% consent ;)

Do you have a question we did not cover in the FAQ?
Ask it in the Taster!

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