Laughter Unleashed
a joyfully pointless evening filled with meaning ~

Laughter Unleashed
a joyfully pointless evening filled with meaning ~

What to Expect
This evening is about letting go of all stress, worries, seriousness, and join us for a joyfully pointless exercise filled with meaning 😉

Workshop Content
We will guide simple laughter warm-up exercises and then we will drop into freefall laughter. Afterwards we will explain a little bit about the personal, emotional & spiritual development potential of laughter.

Experiencing the simplicity & depth of Laughter for no reason.
Which paradoxically enough has a tremendously positive effect on the human body's physiology, health and overall wellbeing.

The Schedule

Saturday & Sunday workshops
7.00 Arrival & Registration
7.15 Start of workshop
19.00 Expected ending time of workshop

Weekday workshops
19.30 Arrival & Registration
19.45 Start of workshop
21.30 Expected ending time of workshop

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We have a maximum of 15 participants!
Registration is necessary to secure your spot.


Roger is the founder of the Tantra Secrets - Academy for Expansion of Love & Consciousness and the lead workshop facilitator. He has an extensive background in Tantra, Daoism, Energy Reading, Energy Play, Hypnosis (Sexual & Regular), Latin Dance, Consent work, Authentic Communication, Trauma Release, Deconditioning, Sacred Sexuality & Meditation.

Wheel of Consent© Certified Facilitator
He has completed the 5-day "Like a Pro" Wheel of Consent© training in May 2019 and has completed the Wheel of Consent© Facilitator Certification Training with Betty Martin in July 2021. Currently he is in the process of the final certification, and officially still under the title of "
Wheel of Consent© Certified Facilitator in Training".
Therefore, the topic of Consent & Boundaries therefore are
always practiced and deepened in Rogers workshops!

Former High Paid Consultant
A former high paid independent consultant for multinationals, he made a drastic switch in his life towards the mystical & spiritual side of life.
His passion is maximizing human potential, happiness & authenticity!

Roger runs workshops on the topics of Personal, Emotional & Spiritual Development, Consciousness Expansion, Tantra, Emotional Freedom, Kundalini Awakening, Wheel of Consent, Conscious Relating, Conscious Kink, Polarity Play, Female Empowerment, Tantra into Zouk, Tantric Masculinity, Sex Art & Implosive Orgasms!

Licensed Energy Reader
He is a graduated & licensed Energy Healer and specializes in personal Energy Readings.
Through Energy Readings he communicates to you that which your body and your soul is trying to tell to your conscious mind, but is not being heard.


He is a trained hypnotist in the field of female orgasmic capacity enhancement. Through other hypnosis practises he also trains people to profoundly relax in a matter of seconds (without use of sexual energy).
Subsequently, the practise of hypnosis has given him a tremendous understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, primal sexuality and the general potential of NLP and positive self-(re)programming.

Inner Child Healing
Furthermore, he works extensively with Childhood Deconditioning & Inner Child tools through which he facilitates the process of deconditioning from the negative imprints from childhood.

Gateways for Fulfillment
In Tantra, Daoism & Spirituality he found many gateways to bring more joy, happiness, and fulfillment to our lives and he has a passion to spread this wisdom!


Roger is the lead facilitator for the following workshops:

  • Conscious Relating Foundations (and the Introduction)

  • Emotional Freedom & Consciouness Expansion - Intensive

  • Emotional Freedom & Consciouness Expansion - Masterclass (online)

  • Spicy Polarity series

  • Tantra into Zouk

  • Sex Art

  • Tantric Massage & De-armouring (co-lead with Jasper)

  • Kundalini Shakti Awakening Retreat

Roger is the organisor & lead-assistant for the following workshops:

  • Primal Childhood Deconditioning - Intensive (Holland edition)

  • The Rebel (Holland edition)

Furthermore, he offers coaching (programs) in the following fields

  • The Path of Consciousness Expansion & Emotional Freedom

  • Couple Therapy / Relationship Coaching

  • Female Orgasmic Capacity

  • Tantric Masculinity

  • Sexual Abundance for Men

  • Instant Relaxation Capacity Training

We have a maximum of 15 participants!
Registration is neccesary to secure your spot:


Upcoming editions:
Sunday 29 May 17.00 - 19.00
Thursday 16 June 19.30 - 21.30

Maximum 15 participants!
Registration is necessary to secure your spot.


Workshop fee
15,- standard price for single participation. Cash only.

❤️ €
5,- Bring-a-Friend (newby to Tantra Secrets)
(discount applies to BOTH of you)
❤️ €
5,- students / low income

Discounts may be stacked.

Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.
Exact location will be provided after registration.

Public Transport:
Train & bus stop close to the lo
Direct bus from Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport that takes 20 minutes to the location.


On weekdays & Saturday parking is paid until 23.59 for € 4,50 per hour! We have a max of 5 free parking spots available, sign-up for that during registration.

Registration is necessary to secure your spot & early bird discount: