Tantra Secrets
Academy for Expansion of Love & Consciousness

Happiness is the natural byproduct

of the increase of Consciousness

Tantra is about embracing all parts of human existence and especially the more hidden sides.
Because blocking of those energies have large consequences on our feeling of belonging & wellbeing, our capacity to experience durable fulfillment and our overall physical and emotional health.

Tantra is Freedom
Freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is a space to be.
Tantra is Liberation.
Tantra is not a religion in the ordinary sense -- Religion again is a mind game; religion gives you a certain pattern. A Christian has a certain pattern, so has the Hindu, so has the Muslim. Religion gives you a certain style, a discipline.
Tantra takes all disciplines away.
When there is no discipline, when there is no enforced order, a totally different kind of order arises in you. What Lao Tzu calls TAO, what Buddha calls DHARMA -- that arises in you. That is not anything done by you; it happens to you.
Tantra simply creates space for it to happen. It does not even invite, it does not wait; it simply creates a space.
And when the space is ready, the whole flows in.

The above scripture is part of the Foundation on which Tantra Secrets is built.
In all our workshops
, coaching & bodywork we aim to reveal the secrets to a liberation from the mind-games, liberation from structures, liberation from the other.
So you can live life in it's fullness
and from your unique authentic essence!

In all the knowledge and practises that we share with you we will always combine our own experience with the infinite wisdom of the ancient and modern enlightened masters. We found it is of great value to learn from those who have reached tremendously high levels of Consciousness. Some of these teachings will resonate immediately, because they hold universal truths.
And the thing about Turth is: once confronted with it, we feel it, right away. Every human has a 6th sense for it.

And because of that, we humans do not need to evolve any further, we are already complete. All that is needed, is for us to create the time and space to remember who we really are.
All that is needed is to use the ancient practises that have been there for thousands of years to liberate mankind, but they have become hidden, the have been turned into secrets, hidden from mankind. Because a liberated man, a liberated woman, will know that there is more to life than to work and pay the bills. We are not our jobs, we are not our family construct, we are way more than that!
But for all kinds of reasons most of us have found ourselves to have lost that connection to some extend.
That is ok, millions are experiencing the same.

Therefor, we invite you on a Tantric journey to unravel the greatest secret of the universe: your unique human essence!