The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure

An Online Masterclass for Women

Discover the the Feminine Magic in Yourself

Your feminine essence and sensual energy is like a river always flowing through you. You might just not know it is there because the door is locked. One you open this door and let it flow you will see that this river is connected to an ocean. 

Awakening and strengthening it is about cleaning that away, what is blocking your door. The more you work on yourself the more you come to unlocking this energetic power and the amazing pleasure that comes with it. 

Making you vibrate, your whole body tingle and prickle, making you shake, shake and shake. Filling you up with energy, power and love.

Shame, Dissatisfaction and Overgiving

Dear Sister, have you ever....

We as women often have difficulities recognising our strength. To have satisfaction we tend to give ourselves and all we have to others, giving them love, care and with that more often then not overstepping our boundries. This happens to many of us as mothers, lovers, nurses and bosses. We look for that deep satisfaction and pleasure on the outside without realizing what deep power lays inside of us.

The Desire for MORE

Dear Sister, have you ever...

This Masterclass isn't just about Sexuality, it's about all the different ways you can bring more Pleasure into your Life and about changing and healing all that what is blocking you from living your full potential.

For woman of all ages, no matter the level of experience.

Step out of the Shadows,

Awaken your Senses

And Explore...

🌿 Increasing your capacity to feel and experience love
🌿 Letting go of worrying, holding back & feeling burdened

🌿 Letting go of anger, frustration & (passive) aggression

🌿 Letting go of parental, ancestral, past-life & karmic issues

🌿 Letting go of intimacy issues

🌿 Letting go of lack of trust

🌿 Becoming less fearful

🌿 Feeling less shame, guilt & inhibitions

🌿 Getting more confidence and a better ability to speak your truth

🌿 Increasing your capacity to breath deeply 

🌿 Getting what you want in life and sex

🌿 Opening up to a more powerful voice

🌿 Connecting to your fellow friends and sisters

🌿 Connecting to your body 

🌿 Increased sensitivity

🌿 Feeling deeper pleasure in heart and body

🌿 Increasing your confidence as a lover and a woman

🌿 Increasing your capacity to enhance your orgasms

🌿 Increasing your ability to feel deeply and connecting to your heart also during sex

🌿 Feeling more grounded

🌿 Increasing your capacity to flow energy through the whole body

🌿 Dramatic increase in flow of energy & Kundalini

Let your natural Sexuality, Sensuality and Pleasure come foreward, feel what is already in you and let the boundries put on you fall!

Next Online Masterclass
4 May - 22 June

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Discover the Archetypes and uncover your Truth!
14 March, 25 April

19.00 - 20.30 CET  / 13.00 - 14.30 EST


€ 520,-

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Practical Program Details

Edition 4 May - 22 June

In this Masterclass we will be 

✨ Awakening and deepening the connection to your pleasure buds

✨ Healing wounds and trauma to move into sexual liberation of the Individual and Collective 

✨ Discovering the various orgasm types and your orgasmic capacity with and without toys or genitals 

✨ Connecting with your Vagina and with the Sacredness and Wildness in you 

✨ Diving into the Female Archetypes and expiriencing them   

✨ Working with Breathwork, Self Dearmouring, Polarities, Meditation and Kundalini Awakening Techniques 

✨ Learning of the correlation of Sexuality to Life and Creativity and learning of the importance of living your Truth

✨ Strengthening the connection to your Sacred Sexuality and Kundalini Energy

✨ Surrendering to the Divine by touch less self pleasure 

✨ Embracing emotions like Anger, Shame and Sadness and learning of it’s their Power

✨ Going into Bliss and Joy 

✨ Learning how to get what you want in Sex and a Relationship

✨ Discovering the Shadow Sides of Sexuailty and learning how to avoid strategies like Overgiving, Entitlement, Tolerance and Endurance

✨ Diving into your deepest darkest Desires

✨ Taking about Sacred Union, Conception, Relationships, Men and Sex 

✨ Learning of the pros and cons of different Relationship Types and about the Core of the Feminine - Masculine Dynamics

✨ Creating a safe space of Connection and Trust and learning how to create this in daily life

✨ Embracing the Maiden, Seductress, Wild woman, Crone, Mother and more in you

✨ Cultivating Abundance for your daily life

✨ Discovering the Polarities inside of you to spice up your Self Pleasure and Sex Life

Price and Discounts

Each class consists of 

Theory, Practice and Discovery, Sharings, Answers to your Questions and Integration.

By using pleasure as a teacher you can learn to

Own & Express your Truth, Boundaries, Needs & Desires unapologetically

Wake up sensuality – feeling and following pleasure

Make healthy choices – learning how to choose for yourself and letting go of unhealthy pleasing tendencies

Learn to authentically feel your desires and then learning how to communicate them effectively

Communicate boundaries & adjustments effectively

Take responsibility for your own pleasure

Learn to increase your pleasure capacity

Learn to increase your capacity to love

Learn to identify acts of toxic love and how to change them into acts of healthy love

Understand the dynamics of giving and receiving and taking them apart

Understand who is doing and who it is for – because they are different

Gain skills of empowerment – noticing, valueing, and trusting desires, having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive

It's time to let the Energies living inside of you come out and play!

Next Free Online Webinars

 19.00 - 20.30 CET  / 13.00 - 14.30 EST

14 March

25 April

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Next Edition 4 May - 22 June


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The Kundalini Energy

An energy living in our base,

In every one of us. 

Our life force, our energy. 

Vibrating, traveling through, 

Filling up every cell of the body. 

Turning just a breath into full body ecstasy. 

The journey to awakening the Kundalini Energy varies. Yoga, sex, traumatic experiences, rituals,… Many ways, many different experiences. For me at the beginning I noticed it just tingling in my hands, or feet during orgasms. Later everywhere. Now without even having sex, just while breathing, living, being. It travels, lives in me all the time. It lives in all of us, we are until a certain point just unaware of it. It’s just you vibrating, existing, all of you, full with it. Sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker but always there. It would be hard living with a full blown uncontrollable full body orgasm all the time.

Kundalini is a river always flowing through you. You might just not know it is there because the door is locked. One you open this door and let it flow you will see that this river is connected to an ocean. Awakening it is about cleaning that away, what is blocking your door.  The more you work on yourself the more you come to unlocking this energetic power and the amazing pleasure that comes with it.  An amazing feminine energy. The snake goddess traveling through you and living within. Energy flowing through all your chakras, through all of you. Making you vibrate, your whole body tingle and prickle, making you shake, shake and shake. Filling you up with energy, power and love.

Work with it, strengthen it. Allow it to flow and surrender to its power, to the power within. 

The Power of Pleasure

A written Journey

Begin with breathing, breath travelling through all of you, from your mouth, through your chest, stomach, reaching your base and changing, coming back out of you. A circle of breath, continuously repeating through your whole life. Really breath deeply, make your body move, your stomach expand, until you feel it fill you up completely. Make love to life with every breath. Make love to yourself. Become your own lover.

Like a snake the breath is whirling within you, dancing. Your breath stimulates your whole body, an active breath that reaches your deepest parts, also strengthens the energy living there. Stimulate yourself from within, with every breath in every moment. Don’t use your hands. Active your centre with your muscles, use them for what they are meant. Connect to your body, to your genitals.  

Connect breath and stimulation. Enjoy this flow, allow it to come. It’s important to trust yourself there, to surrender to it. It will come instinctively, your unconsciousness knows it. If you are fighting, it won’t stay for long. It is you, your power. Sometimes scary at the beginning or during stronger experiences, but still you.

Sometimes with this fully active energy travelling thorough you, you may experience surreal things, visions, words, memories coming. Something may want to come through, so just allow it to come. 

There is sometimes a feeling of something deeper being there, a connection to everything, to the universe. And a connection to yourself, that you may not have seen before. Suddenly you become aware of a lot, that has always been there but hidden from view. With your eyes closed, you see even more, you see inwards. You experience your own truth and recognise your own power and true potential.

An Explanation

The Transformational & Primordial Energy known as Kundalini Shakti in the ancient Tantric traditions, comes in many forms throughout human history. It is called Uraeus in Egyptian scriptures, and in other traditions she goes by the names of The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, The Serpent Power, The Force, The Spark of Life, Life Force Energy and many other similarly intriguing names.

At the base of the human spine is a triangular shaped area known as "the Lotus Chamber of the Kundalini. It is from here, that this potent energy, once awakened, travels up the Spinal column, raising the body's vibratory rate as it ascends to the crown chakra just above the top of the head to meet in conscious union with the Divine Universal Source.

Many Spiritual Masters through the ages have learned the secret of The Serpent Power.

This is ultimately the Power & Intelligence that creates the Universe and is present in every human body. For 99% of the population this Sacred Energy will remain dormant at the base of the spine for the entire lifetime.

Benefits of Awakening Kundalini Shakti

🕉 Kundalini Awakening is one of the easiest ways to open your Third Eye.

🕉 The Awakened Kundalini governs the process of taking you to higher and higher vibratory states.

🕉 Opens your body for Full Body Orgasms

🕉 Opens your body for (more) Love, Joy, Bliss & Abundance!

🕉 Higher energy levels

🕉 Increased physical health & immunity levels

🕉 Increased psychological and emotional health

🕉 Positive Neurological changes in the brain

🕉 Positive Genetic transformation (potential)

🕉 Expression of any extraordinary abilities (potential)

🕉 Increased Energy sensitivity

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The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure 

Next Online Masterclass

4 May - 22 June


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Payment Options

Because Pleasure Enhancement is so essential for every body's physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, we want to make the The Secrets of Pleasure available for every budget.

Therefore, there is also a 2 or 3 time payment so that it is affordable for anyone who wants to take action on their Pleasure Capacity!

Option #1

The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure

€ 520,-

Option #2

The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure

2 x € 265,-

Option #3

The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure

3 x €180,-



Life-changing tools for Self-Pleasure, Sexuality and Life 

Professional guided process

24 hours of Online Material

Q & A included

Daily contact with Wiktoria and the Group via Group Chat

Weekly Tasks and Exercises to complete at home

Recorded sessions up until 1 month after Program

Integration Check In Call 1 month after the Masterclass

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Meet your passionate Guide


Her story with Sexuality

I first discovered self pleasure as a young child of 6 years old. Climbing up a construction on a playground and suddenly feeling this lovely sensation between my legs. I naturally didn’t know what it was I just knew it felt amazing and I want more. I spend a long time on that construction and then later exploring in bed or in the bathtub. As the years went by the curiosity grew, still as a child seeing snippets of sex scenes in movies with my partners covering my eyes made me want to discover more. I remember looking into other peoples changing room cabins in swimming pools to learn about the human body. From the reactions of my parents, them covering my eyes or reprimanding me, I quickly realised that I have to keep my hobby hidden. 

There was this innocent interest to discover this feeling with others, the need to talk about it with my peers, to learn more, so at the age of around 11 I started experimenting with my girl class friends on sleepovers just asking them out of curiosity if they have experienced any of what I have been feeling, and almost always learning that yes indeed they have. Then we exchanged techniques and ways to do it, in the bathtub, rubbing this way or stroking that way, using a shower head, and so on. This without shame or fear just learning about something that is as natural as breathing. 

At that age being already more aware of what sexuality was about I discovered porn and spend many hours and sleepless nights on various sites learning all about the art of sex from pornographic videos. This turned more and more into an addiction and became very unhealthy. At one point my parents discovered this in the computers history, oh the shame. They even put restrictions up and limited my internet hours. But that feeling of shame didn’t stop me, the pleasure was to great. 

At around 14 I learned of online dating sites while with some friends and the possibility of connecting to strangers through messages and videos. Me and a couple of friends would spend time together, talking with people, discovering this way of connecting, learning about masturbation and seduction, seeing it as a fun way to spend time. And indeed it was very fun and addictive to have people admire your young beautiful body. 

So I spend many hours hidden in my room or bathroom video calling and masturbating with men online, them often being many years older. But my teenage attraction to men was very active and the need for attention and appreciation big. I spend that time experimenting, kissing with my friends and learning from the experiences. 

So as things go I had my first boyfriend at the age of 15, him being a couple of years older. Loosing my virginity with him was a very pleasant experience and the 3 years we spend together in a long distance relationship were relaxed and beautiful. We were both raised Catholic, so we kept things hidden from our parents for a long time. Mine not even realising I had sex until I talked about this many years later.

After moving out of my parents house at the age of 19 to study I had a phase of parting and discovery. After a while I discovered dancing and at my second social dance party met my current partner. Pretty quickly after meeting him, we had a date and in the evening sex. Him having some Tantra background and a lot of experience made it the best sex I had. At that time I was studying medicine, he was freshly out of a breakup so we both wanted to just have a nice time without commitments. The time spend together was so relaxed, the sex so amazing that we ended up seeing each other almost every day. This lasted for about a half a year before feelings came up, so after some time of figuring out what we want from each other we decided to start an open relationship, sometimes also trying out polyamory. During this time we had other partners and also have shared many experiences with others together. With him I could live out all my darkest fantasies and he would love it, with him I felt comfortable, I learned more about seduction, myself and my pleasure, about men, women, toys and boundaries. He was the one who introduced me to the Wheel of Consent and to Roger, the founder of Tantra Secrets. I’m very thankful for that. 

At the beginning of our time together and in our sex life I quickly discovered that my body can experience things that I have no words or explanations for. I reached new peaks in orgasms, went into full body orgasms and bliss states, felt the Kundalini energy in me, experienced beautiful freeing Dearmouring sessions that allowed me to fully open, discovered the possibly of surrendering to the divine and to a man and learned how to dominate the masculine. At the same time I started having many spiritual experiences and awakenings, my psychic abilities awakened, I could see things that others couldn’t, feel people, travel out of my body and many more. Because of these experiences I started looking for answers, diving deep into teachings about Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality, Energy Work,  Psychology, and so on. The time of learning and remembering myself, coming back to my truth and my soul and spirit began. The list of explorations is long and growing.

With time and experience I realised that all this I experience with my partner, the bliss, surrender and love, I can also experience on my own. This being possible with breathwork, masturbation, focus, relaxation or even just bringing awareness to it and simply being. I learned of the polarities inside of me. I sadly also learned that it’s very different for many people. I saw the need to bring more awareness and healing to this topic. To the taboo things, to shame, desires, traumas and boundaries. I dug deep into women’s work, learning all there was about the feminine, the archetypes, the cycle, the needs, the way of being and with this about about the masculine. After a while I started holding space in women circles, discovering with the participants the many things there are to discover on Sexuality, Life, Emotions and Relationships. 

Being and becoming even more attuned to my needs, desires and boundaries was a tremendous step in taking responsibility and ownership of my life and of my pleasure. Following my truth is still a key part of my progress, I always yearn to discover more and reach new peaks on my path. 

My Sexuality is deeply connected to Spirituality. I now again feel the calling to share this beautiful work on Sexuality, Self Pleasure, Desires, Boundaries and it’s connection to Consciousness Expansion, Growth, Abundance, Spirituality and Selfcare. It is time to bring more awareness to the topics, to heal deep wounds, to feel pleasure and bliss, to discover the polarities and expand the orgasmic states. I believe sexuality is an important part of the self work one can do on the path of personal development and spiritual growth. I see the importance of fully experiencing the polarities to transcend them and become one with the universe. 

The Feminine 

One and so many,

All parts of a whole.

Living in you, through you, being you. 

All at once, connected. 

The maiden, the sister, 

The mother of all,

The warrior, the witch, 

The lover, the slut, 

The walking seduction

The goddess, the queen, 

The widow, the crone, 

The wise woman knows. 

A great power in the deep. 

Filling you up, 

Overflowing with love,

Sharing wisdom,

Questioning, debating, knowing her own. 

Demanding the truth. 

Consuming the wrong. 

Letting her power show. 

One and so many,

All parts of a whole.

Call them what you want, 

So many names making up one form. 

Living in you all the time.

Let them come alive,

Let them come out now.

Written by Wiktoria

Learn more about the Power of the Feminine living inside of you!

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Frequently  Asked Questions

What if I cannot join all 10 sessions?

All sessions will be recorded and will be made available after the session. This way you will still have access and be able to join the group process.

What if I don't want to do certain practices?

You are fully responible for your actions and the particiation in all the exercises, sharings and practices is your own free choice.

Does this Workshop involve nudity?

Yes, there will be guided exercises involving nudity. You can choose to not participate or to switch of your camera.

Do I have to share my experiences in the group?

No, not at all. We can learn from each other, but if you prefer to just listen and observe, that is totally fine.

Do you have a question we did not cover in the FAQ? 


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