Wiktoria is a truth seeker, always looking for the most powerful tools and digging deep into teachings for spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. She has a childlike joy and curiosity in experiencing life, combining it with a depth and understanding of the importance of  hard moments and life.

She combines her background and experience in Medicine, Healing, Energy- and Bodywork, Tantric Massage, Dance, Mediumship, Ceremonies, Women Circles, Sacred Sexuality, Management and Leadership with her intuition, psychic abilities and the guidance of soul and spirit to offer what is needed in the moment at any given time.

One of her main goals is to give embodied experiences of the personality-soul-spirit triad and to guide people to the core of things.

Currently living in one of the biggest communities in Germany, she follows her mission of bringing truth into the world and into individual lives.

Facilitating at Tantra Secrets

Wiktoria’s partner introduced her to Tantra Secrets in 2019. Using the Wheel of Consent she began consciously working on expressing her boundaries and desires in sexuality and in daily life. This has tremendously strengthened her connection to her inner voice, helped her find a compassionate way to get what she wants, increased her ability to communicate and accept others as they are and increased her sense of self awareness. This caused her to become even more sensitive to herself and to others. 

Through the different workshops she discovered her love for Emotional Release tools and Breathwork. She noticed how the release of emotions and transforming old patterns is connected to going into states of bliss, peace and love. Every time she came to an event she felt an immediate sense of peace and safety. Her nervous system could relax and the topics to work on would come up very quickly. 

She views this work as very transformative and deeply touching, moving hidden parts of oneself to the light. She is now there for others as the team have been there for her and co-creates powerful events.

Wiktoria is the lead facilitator for the following workshops

- The Secrets of Self Pleasure - An Internal Polarity Journey

- The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure - Woman's Only

- Conscious Connections - A Course for Couples

- Spicy Sexuality - Online Retreat for Couples

- Energetic Ecstasy- Online Retreat for Couples

Wiktoria co-facilitates in the following workshops

- Emotional Mastery & Consciouness Expansion

- The Secrets of Feminine Pleasure - Men's Only

- The Tantra Secrets of Manifesting Abundance

- The Tantra Secrets of Mastering your Energy  

- Kundalini Shakti Awakening Retreat

Ceremonies and Women Circles
Wiktoria has experience holding ceremonies and works with the medicine of cacao to create a space of (self)love, connection and compassion. She also leads women circles, seeing the need of sisterhood for community and healing of wounds. In this work she mainly focuses on Emotional Release, Sexuality and Spiritual Growth. She believes going deep into the dark and heavy parts of oneself in necessary to go into the light(ness) and higher vibrations.

Certified in Soul Healing
Wiktoria is certified in Soul Healing, a practice based on strengthening the connection of the personality to the soul. It includes practices such as Shadow and Inner Child Work, Psychic Reading, Voice Healing, Integrating and Processing Trauma and Past Life Regression.

Mediumship and Psychic Abilities
In 2019 through Sexuality she rediscovered her connection to the source of creation. Since then she hasn’t stopped digging deeper into the connection to the Divine. During this journey she realized that she has always had this connection, remembering pieces of her childhood which included the world for most unseen. Her psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. She works on expanding her abilities further through different modalities. Many of the things she discovers she puts into writing.

Sacred Sexuality
Wiktoria believes that Sexuality is one of the key aspects of Spirituality. Sexuality being one of the most abused things in the world, she sees the importance of healing the wounds to fully step into a loving relationship with oneself, ones partner(s) and the society. Finding freedom in expressing one’s divine sexual energy is a power unequal to many things. She sees the Wheel of Consent as one of the best tools to achieve this. Other ones being Inner Child Work, De-armouring and awakening one’s Kundalini Energy to fully feel the divine flowing through. For Wiktoria this feels like an endless power source. She is trained in Tantric Massage and sees it as a healing method full of vulnerability and holiness through with one has a possibility to embody the connection to one’s divine energy.

Wiktoria' Business

Discover your Truth 

Wiktoria's story about Sexuality

I first discovered self pleasure as a young child of 6 years old. Climbing up a construction on a playground and suddenly feeling this lovely sensation between my legs. I naturally didn’t know what it was I just knew it felt amazing and I want more. I spend a long time on that construction and then later exploring in bed or in the bathtub. As the years went by the curiosity grew, still as a child seeing snippets of sex scenes in movies with my partners covering my eyes made me want to discover more. I remember looking into other peoples changing room cabins in swimming pools to learn about the human body. From the reactions of my parents, them covering my eyes or reprimanding me, I quickly realised that I have to keep my hobby hidden. 

There was this innocent interest to discover this feeling with others, the need to talk about it with my peers, to learn more, so at the age of around 11 I started experimenting with my girl class friends on sleepovers just asking them out of curiosity if they have experienced any of what I have been feeling, and almost always learning that yes indeed they have. Then we exchanged techniques and ways to do it, in the bathtub, rubbing this way or stroking that way, using a shower head, and so on. This without shame or fear just learning about something that is as natural as breathing. 

At that age being already more aware of what sexuality was about I discovered porn and spend many hours and sleepless nights on various sites learning all about the art of sex from pornographic videos. This turned more and more into an addiction and became very unhealthy. At one point my parents discovered this in the computers history, oh the shame. They even put restrictions up and limited my internet hours. But that feeling of shame didn’t stop me, the pleasure was to great. 

At around 14 I learned of online dating sites while with some friends and the possibility of connecting to strangers through messages and videos. Me and a couple of friends would spend time together, talking with people, discovering this way of connecting, learning about masturbation and seduction, seeing it as a fun way to spend time. And indeed it was very fun and addictive to have people admire your young beautiful body. 

So I spend many hours hidden in my room or bathroom video calling and masturbating with men online, them often being many years older. But my teenage attraction to men was very active and the need for attention and appreciation big. I spend that time experimenting, kissing with my friends and learning from the experiences. 

So as things go I had my first boyfriend at the age of 15, him being a couple of years older. Loosing my virginity with him was a very pleasant experience and the 3 years we spend together in a long distance relationship were relaxed and beautiful. We were both raised Catholic, so we kept things hidden from our parents for a long time. Mine not even realising I had sex until I talked about this many years later.

After moving out of my parents house at the age of 19 to study I had a phase of parting and discovery. After a while I discovered  dancing and at my second social dance party met my current partner. Pretty quickly after meeting him, we had a date and in the evening sex. Him having some Tantra background and a lot of experience made it the best sex I had. At that time I was studying medicine, he was freshly out of a breakup so we both wanted to just have a nice time without commitments. The time spend together was so relaxed, the sex so amazing that we ended up seeing each other almost every day. This lasted for about a half a year before feelings came up, so after some time of figuring out what we want from each other we decided to start an open relationship, sometimes also trying out polyamory. During this time we had other partners and also have shared many experiences with others together. With him I could live out all my darkest fantasies and he would love it, with him I felt comfortable, I learned more about seduction, myself and my pleasure, about men, women, toys and boundaries. He was the one who introduced me to the Wheel of Consent and to Roger, the founder of Tantra Secrets. I’m very thankful for that. 

At the beginning of our time together and in our sex life I quickly discovered that my body can experience things that I have no words or explanations for. I reached new peaks in orgasms, went into full body orgasms and bliss states, felt the Kundalini energy in me, experienced beautiful freeing Dearmouring sessions that allowed me to fully open, discovered the possibly of surrendering to the divine and to a man and learned how to dominate the masculine. At the same time I started having many spiritual experiences and awakenings, my psychic abilities awakened, I could see things that others couldn’t, feel people, travel out of my body and many more. Because of these experiences I started looking for answers, diving deep into teachings about Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality, Energy Work,  Psychology, and so on. The time of learning and remembering myself, coming back to my truth and my soul and spirit began. The list of explorations is long and growing.

With time and experience I realised that all this I experience with my partner, the bliss, surrender and love, I can also experience on my own. This being possible with breathwork, masturbation, focus, relaxation or even just bringing awareness to it and simply being. I learned of the polarities inside of me. I sadly also learned that it’s very different for many people. I saw the need to bring more awareness and healing to this topic. To the taboo things, to shame, desires, traumas and boundaries. I dug deep into women’s work, learning all there was about the feminine, the archetypes, the cycle, the needs, the way of being and with this about about the masculine. After a while I started holding space in women circles, discovering with the participants the many things there are to discover on Sexuality, Life, Emotions and Relationships. 

Being and becoming even more attuned to my needs, desires and boundaries was a tremendous step in taking responsibility and ownership of my life and of my pleasure. Following my truth is still a key part of my progress, I always yearn to discover more and reach new peaks on my path. 

My Sexuality is deeply connected to Spirituality. I now again feel the calling to share this beautiful work on Sexuality, Self Pleasure, Desires, Boundaries and it’s connection to Consciousness Expansion, Growth, Abundance, Spirituality and Selfcare. It is time to bring more awareness to the topics, to heal deep wounds, to feel pleasure and bliss, to discover the polarities and expand the orgasmic states. I believe sexuality is an important part of the self work one can do on the path of personal development and spiritual growth. I see the importance of fully experiencing the polarities to transcend them and become one with the universe. 

Creative expression

Wiktoria is a creator of her universe. She sees the art of manifestation as living life in truth to oneself, following one’s desires and intuition.

In her life she loves to create workshop ideas and programs, schedules, plans, art, dance and writing. 

She is an artist with over 15 years of experience in painting, drawing and other creative art forms. She allows the process to guide her into a near trance like state. Some pieces taking months and some just minutes or hours. She feels as if through art she can express what words cannot. 

Writing is the newest addition to her expression. She has spent many sleepless nights writing down what is coming up. The topics range from sexuality, inner child work, nature, life, women, polarities and many more. She believes much of the writing is coming from a spot deep within or one could say from an outside but a the same time inside source. She transmits lessons from to universe onto paper sometimes still finding it hard to put things into understandable words. You can discover most of her writings in a Facebook Group "A deeper understanding". She is curious to discover what more is to come and has a goal of writing a book one day.

Wiktoria's story about Writing

I’ve had some people asking me how this works. If the written content is mine, where does it come from, etc. I realized that this source is something new or unknown for some, so I wanted to share with you my story of how it came to be.

Like most things begin, I met someone, a man and my life got turned upside down. A lot has changed since then but I will start from the beginning. 

I was 19 studying medicine, discovering my passion for dancing. I met a man and discovered the happiness of just living. Before I always thought it is the career that makes one happy. But now I know it’s all about the small stuff, about how you can just enjoy eating a nice juicy fruit or stare at the moon, have long conversations and get lost in time.

Because of this a lot has shifted in my life, I realized that my priorities where so unbalanced and wrongly placed. That my goals where materialistic. I just want me but a version of me created by others.

The man I’ve met already had some knowledge of Tantra and co. And he triggered a lot, a lot of stuff. Still does. So having a lot to deal with, I started asking and looking for answers. With his help, with reading many books, with the help of others, with every person I have met, every workshop, every experience, every moment, I grow closer and closer to myself. This growing is ever going. I still have a lot of work to do, I take it step for step. Believing that it all comes at the right time.

The most powerful experience was after sex. Having powerful orgasms was normal at that time but I have never traveled so deep into my unconsciousness before. The picture in this post I have painted as a reminder of this experience.

So this experience was life altering, it showed me that there is something more in me. I will describe it to you. Being in this orgasmic state, vibrating I started seeing a light that was calling me. A light in the universe. As I got closer and closer, I saw it was a dancing woman. So beautiful calling me to her. As I got to her, she turned around and showed her face. This face was something that petrified me, and old witch, something powerful and scary. After this I was scared to be alone for a couple of days. It was a warning about the depths one come go into during spiritual experiences, when one is not ready for it.

So after a while I stared contemplating this experience, I realized that this woman is still there, inside of me. I build a connection to her. She said: I am You, You are Me, We are One. It was actually me, but being so scared of this power I didn’t want to recognize it. After time and with acceptance of my own power, truth and shadows, I accepted her into me, we are one.

This darkness, this universe where I met her is for me a source of never ending wisdom. There I later on also met my masculine side and others. Even later I came to what I would call the source or the creator, a place after the void, where everything is one. It’s where a lot of things just come to me from, words, visions, stories, explanations, just a lot of different stuff. Some other texts come from my mind, from experience.

It’s a place deep inside of me. A place I believe we all have but we not all have a connection to it. It is buried under a lot of shit, that we firstly have to uncover. It’s where our life energy lives, our sex energy, the energies from the earth and those from the universe. Its something that shows itself when you are ready for it. All at the right time. It’s something deeply powerful, it’s dark and light. It’s all, it’s the connection to everything.


Wiktoria sees dance as a embodied expression of creativity by oneself or with others. She dances Brazilian Zouk since 2019 and has experience in Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, Ecstatic and 5 Rhythm Dance. Her next dance goal is mastering Tango. In partner dance she has discovered the power of connection with intimacy, but without sexual energy. She saw how deeply touching human contact and touch can be. Generally in dance she loves the magic of being in the moment, following what is coming up without thinking. She sees dance as meditation that gives possibilities to discover many different things:

✨surrendering to the music or one or multiple partners but mostly to oneself

✨letting go of the restrictions of the mind and of shame

✨experiencing bliss, childlike joy and ecstasy 

✨in leading the art of taking care of, creating safety, playing with dominance and listening to music, oneself and a partner

✨learning the art of seduction and the power of being a woman

✨working with energy, clairsentience, centering oneself, setting and keeping energetic boundaries