Online Courses 

for Couples

Dive Deeper into your Relationship, 

Sexuality and Spirituality

The following Courses and Retreats are for

❤ New Couples wanting to start of with a Deep Connection and passionate Couples wanting to go even Deeper

❤ Friends with Benefits, Couples in Monogamous, Polyamorous and Open and Long Distance Relationships

We have experience with all of these.

Fighting, unhappy, jealous couples or ones on the verge of breaking up 

Bring Trust and Safety back to your Connection!

❤ Stay at Home Parents, Long time partners, Retired couples 

And all other Couples that want to liven things up.

❤ Hetero- and Homosexual Couples 

The Masculine and Feminine Polarities live inside of every one of us.

❤ Couples curious about Domination, Surrender, Sexuality and Spirituality

Close friends that want to dig deeper

The Basis for all Relationships is the same.

Single Participants, that want to learn more

You will have to skip the couple exercieses.

Conscious Connections - Weekly Online Course for Couples
Bring a Deep and Powerful Connection on the basis on Trust and Honesty back to your Relationship!

Fact is that Relationships are one of the best ways to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Another one is that almost all Relationships change after a while in some way. 

You get used to each other, get more comfortable, might know almost everything about the other, feel a deep connection, 

but more often then not at the same time...

the interest diminishes, the desire gets weaker, you don't know what to do together, trigger each other and fight and just sometimes realize that...

The Spark just isn't the same anymore.

Learn how to ignite the Fire in your Relationship again and deepen the Connection with this 4 week Masterclass!

Spicy Sexuality - Online Weekend Course for Couples

How you ever...

Wanted to explore more in Sexuality but didn't know how to?

Felt Shame about your Desires and Dissapointment that you just couldn't go for it?

Felt the Desire to dominate and ravish your Partner?

Wanted to Surrender and Open your whole Body and Soul but did't feel the necessary Safety or Trust? 

Learn more about Conscious Domination, Surrender, Dirty Talk, Role Play and More!

Using these Tools healthily will dramatically improve your Relationship, Sex life and general feeling of wellbeing altogether. 

Energetic Ecstasy - Online Weekend Course for Couples

Have you ever...

Felt the deep Desire for More? 

Wanted to learn about the Connection of Spirituality and Sexuality?

Felt curious about Full Body Orgasms, Squirting, the Kundalini Energy and Tantra?

In this Online Retreat you will learn how Sexuality is deeply connected to our overall level of Consciousness and the feelings of Joy, Ecstasy, Bliss and Love.

The presented material in combination with the excersizes & guidance will dramatically increase the Flow of Energy in your Body and the Connection to your Partner. Regardless of how advanced you are in spiritual work, or if you have just started. 

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